40(ish), and today is my road test, again. Part 1 of 2



 I do not often actually write my own posts as I pretty much spend my life working. Today I am off work to take a road test to get my drivers licence… again. For the record it is in your best interest to never just let it expire and not bother to renew it for whatever reason like I did.

 The rules of the road have changed so much since I was some over confident tween. When you get in your car and start the engine do you actually swivel your head around the car 360 degrees? like your neck even turns that far. Today I need to pretend I can.

Today I also reminded myself that drinking a lot of coffee does not aid me with my stress. I have since switched to V-8.

Stay tuned I  will post on this epic personal saga once I find out how it plays out for me.

The suspense is killing me,




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