Aromatherapy- My thoughts that I already provide such for my girl in my sleep


As a non metro sexual male. Just a typical guy. Why must you have some creepy motion activated smell release object the goes off when you walk by ejecting a million chemicals into the air? “Aromatherapy”

I call it from my shallow male view, Wallet therapy from big brand marketing companies.

I sniff my dirty socks or the bright fresh cleansing smell of lavender and iced latte blend. My day seems pretty much the same.

Do humans smell so bad that ad companies compare your average home with dead fish and week old refuse. (Do not be afraid to take your trash out if this reflects upon you.)

I guess this is my rant for the week, feel free to comment.


3 thoughts on “Aromatherapy- My thoughts that I already provide such for my girl in my sleep

  1. I prefer incense in summer – keeps the mossie’s at bay. In winter I chuck a few pinches of ginger or cinnamon in the log burner. Pet peeve…plug in’s and the adverts. They haven’t quite migrated to spain yet…thank god!

  2. I will spare you the full lecture, but I do want to say that what you are describing is exactly what it is; cents for scents. At most, they may contain fragrance oils. As a Certified Aromatherapist, I can tell you that Aromatherapy is working with the healing properties contained in Pure Essential Oils. Just had to say… 🙂

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