Fifty shades of grey, The joy’s of self employment


This road of self employment is not for everyone. I have a day job, but dabble with self employment.

You need thick skin if you plan such a venture.  You must be aware that people expect a lot from you.

Your not that far from the branch that a consumer picks up a can of peas and puts it back on the shelf.

My add looks like this:

Weekend labour available,
Ideal for: Contractors, Seniors and people who’s lives are too busy.

About me: xx year old male in great health. I am friendly, responsible and punctual. I have worked in construction for the better part of the last twenty years. Mostly with marble and granite. I have a job during the week.

What I provide: Sweet and simple, Punctual, reliable labour. No job is too small.

What to expect: We will agree on the hourly rate, job dependant, ( in general xx.00 – xx.00 per hour). A start time and date. The labour shall be paid for at the end of each work day in cash.
You will provide the materials and tools required.

I am open minded so if your not sure if its up my alley drop me a line and we can take a look at it.

Looking forward to helping you!

Be Clear about what you expect, know that your walking in the strange forest of humanity. A well worded post or add may aid in your journey.

I hope this aids you onto the road to success.


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