From Webster: new words 2013 (bust out your phone folk’s the words have arrived.) I am so excited I wanna “twerk”

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(noun) : a dance move involving repeated hip thrusts and rapid shaking of the buttocks especially while squatting

Miley Cyrus’ twerk seen round the world certainly caused a stir at Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards, but the fleshy show-stopper featuring grinding teddy bears and Robin Thicke earned the former tween queen a stark mix of both praise and resentment. —Laura Hertzfeld, Entertainment Weekly, August 27, 2013

Submitted by: Anonymous on Aug. 28, 2013 10:27



(noun) : a wacky person

Submitted by: on Aug. 27, 2013 15:32



(noun) : shoes or sneakers

Submitted by: on Aug. 27, 2013 15:24


fallidays (noun) : the holidays of the fall season

Submitted by: Madi Power from Arizona on Aug. 27, 2013 01:10


entermation (noun) : infotainment

That comedy show was really enjoyable entermation as I learned some real life lessons from it.

Submitted by: on Aug. 26, 2013 05:28


enthusigasm (noun) : extreme enthusiasm

Submitted by: on Aug. 26, 2013 05:12



(adjective) : flashy or tacky

Submitted by: on Aug. 24, 2013 01:00


wusband (noun) : ex-husband

Submitted by: Mawakana (Robin Cermak) from Georgia Us on Aug. 23, 2013 14:02


twerking (noun) : a bouncing or jerking movement of the hips in hip-hop dance

Twerking is the latest dance craze made famous by Miley herself. —Korina Lopez, USA TODAY, July 4, 2013

Submitted by: Opiyo from New York on Aug. 22, 2013 21:41



(noun) : conversationalist

After the client left our office we spoke of how he was quite the conversator.


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