BREAKING NEWS: Gnomes take over Kansas Park

No humans have to date reported their ankles being attacked. :

gnome homes park
A gnome home found in a Kansas park
Some new residents have taken up homes in a Kansas park, and they’re not paying rent.

Gnome homes are appearing around Overland Park, created at the bottom of trees, KSHB reported.

The little houses feature a door into the residence, a stick path to the home and trinkets inside. Two homes have been found so far, located past a sign that reads “Firefly Forest.”

“You know, I think it’s bringing smiles and laughter to those who are finding out about it,” said Sean Reilly, spokesperson for Overland Park. “That’s exactly what we need sometimes in our lives is a little bit of happiness, joy and truly just laughter.”

The city doesn’t know how many there are total, or who is building them, according to Yahoo.

Reilly told KMBZ news he hopes to find more of the little homes in the future.

“We don’t know when they arrived or who’s living in these little tree homes, but we welcome them to Overland Park,” says Reilly.


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