Bad tattoo’s… What not to do if you want to get one



I wonder if his future wife and the mother that disowned him will find this as funny as he does. 



Before letting the guy fire up the ink gun… take an objective moment to really look at the drawing… clearly this person did not. I know I saw the same thing you did (my bad).



I have no idea what you need to smoke or inject to think this is a great idea. I hope this fellow will never need to work for a living.


I am glad that this lady will never see this bit of “art”….

BEFORE GETTING A TATTOO- checklist for the first timers

Here you go first timers! Ive put together a checklist of everything you will need/need to know before you join the club (get your first tattoo).

BRAINSTORMING IDEAS- Ok, think this through guys! Just because you are 18 and like to party doesn’t mean that you are gonna want a huge pot leaf on your arm for the rest of your life (I’ve seen MUCH worse than that). Also, think twice before getting your girlfriends name tattooed on you, or even your wife’s name for that matter (google divorce rates in the US before you decide) haha joking….kind of. The decision is ultimately up to you, but just remember that this is forever, unless your rich and want to sit through some painful laser removal surgery.

PICK OUT YOUR ARTWORK- Print out images off the computer, gather magazine clippings, or if you have an artistic side you might want to sketch something up yourself. If you have a good artist you should be able to go to them with ANY idea, and they should bring it to life for you. Sometimes you will run into tattoo “artists” that arent very willing, and will cop an attitude when you ask them to draw something up. If that happens, you should get the hell out of there and be thankful that you found out they were a douche BEFORE they started marking you for life.

SELECT YOUR SHOP/ ARTIST- choose wisely boys and girls.
DECIDE ON PLACEMENT- talk to your artist about this, sometimes what you think might be a good place to get a tattoo might not work with the art you want, or might work better somewhere else. Don’t let anyone talk you into something you don’t want, but defininetly get their opinion.

CHECK OUT THEIR PORTFOLIO- see if their style matches the art you want. Some artists can do just about any style of art, and others prefer to stick to one or two….totally depends.

 see if it’s in your price range, but remember…..this is going to be on you for the rest of your life, so you should not be sacrificing quality just because the shop/meth lab down the street offered you a lower price.


MAKE SURE YOU WEAR COMFY CLOTHES- don’t wear anything too restricting, or if you’re getting the tattoo in a tricky spot you might want to consider wearing a bathing suit underneath your clothes so it will be easier for the artist to get to. If you don’t feel comfortable out in the open in a bathing suit top most shops have a back room or some type of shade they can put up to make things a little more private.

EAT SOMETHING- This doesn’t mean that you need to have Thanksgiving dinner and go into a food coma while getting tattooed, but at least have a little something to eat or bring a few Tootsie pops with you to keep you blood sugar up (especially if it’s a larger tattoo).

TRY NOT TO- don’t get ridiculously drunk the night before, and stay away from all aspirin based meds…..your blood will thin out causing a bigger mess for the artist and also affecting the over all quality of your new tattoo.

TIP YOUR ARTIST! Its not required, but it is definitely appreciated.




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