Ghosts in your vagina? Who ya gonna call… “Huang Jianjun”

ImageWell, if you live in Guangzhou, China, and are in need of flushing out a few ghosts out of your vagina you are going to call self-proclaimed ‘Ghostbuster’ Huang Jianjun. Trust me, Huang is very thorough, and will solve all your ghosts in vagina problems—this, according to his business card.

A young spice shop girl named A Xin became obsessed with her boss. However, the feeling was not reciprocated. A Xin feelings grew stronger with every day, yet her boss showed no interest. The infatuation grew unbearable for A Xin, and she got to the point that she would’ve done anything to get her boss to love her.

By chance, Huang Jianjun’s business card appeared at her work one day. The card described Huang as a ‘Ghostbuster’, a man that makes your dreams come true by performing ‘special’ exorcisms to rid clients of ghosts that he believes plague one’s life. This must be a sign.

Desperate, A Xin wasted no time, she immediately contacted Haung and the two agreed to meet up at a hotel room. In the hotel room, Huang told A Xin that he could make her boss love her if she would have sex with him first. He asked her to strip naked and lay on the bed. After a quick examination, Huang then told her that she had ghosts in her vagina. And these ghosts were preventing her boss from loving her. Thus, recommending the immediate removal of the ghosts.

Huang told the young girl that he must perform, what he referred to as, a “penis exorcism” to fully eradicate all the ghost from her vagina. That is to say, the ghosts could only be removed by his penis. For a mere 20,000 yuan ($3,267 USD) Huang performed the exorcism.

After one day and still no love from her boss, A Xin figured she had been had. She notified the police. Huang confessed to performing the ‘penis exorcism’ and told the police that he had sacrificed his virginity for the exorcism of A Xin vagina’s ghosts. Huang was arrested and thrown in to one of those real nice Chinese jails you hear about.

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