Why does Wal-Mart attract the odd critters of the planet?



A few photo’s that leave me thinking gee wiz.  Did these folks loose a bet? I know from my trips to Wal-Mart in Missouri that these folks really exsist. Is there some secret club, that people gather and try to out do the last attempt at strange?



Do I even want to understand what is going on here? 



There are stranger photos out there. I just could not bring myself to post them.


3 thoughts on “Why does Wal-Mart attract the odd critters of the planet?

  1. i kinda know where youre coming from, friend!
    i have relatives in the US….when i was there a few mths ago, i suddenly had the urge to buy a few pairs of socks (!)…then i had a lightbulb of an idea…why not take a drive to walmart..they have everything, dont they?
    i didnt have my car, so i asked my niece to drive me there….she kinda gave me a weird look….you know the kind of look that says “heck, are you some kind of weirdo…wanting to go to where? walmart? are you outta your mind…?”
    i asked her what was wrong…she said, “uncle, nobody who is anybody goes to walmart these days…..its full of nutcases” (she was born in the UK like me, so she still uses some UK parlance!)
    we went anyways…and sure enough, when we went inside, i DID see some weirdos….!
    i dunno…maybe somebody looked at me too and thought “god, what a weirdo he is….” LOL!

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