Dear John letter, To Dave

A funny rant about my day. An open letter to Dave

Dear John

Hey Dave,

   I hope you follow my blog, If you don’t I have no idea why. I would like to open this post softly by suggesting If you were a zebra in the open plains of Africa you would be the zebra the lions took down.



 You asked me to drop everything I was doing to help an out of town fellow fix up a basement for his very aged advanced grand-folks. We agree on a day.  I show up to help you with your “critical mold issue.”

(a long string of adult words found here)

” I thought It was Sunday. I have to go out today.”

 Dave you are “special”. I hardly ever post in my own words I do a lot of cut and paste. I work every day of the week. 

  Ever looking for the bright side Dave. Meh you at the very least inspire me.

  If you were a douche, hmmm, the bottle lets say, your as useful as if it was empty.

Enjoy the black mold issue Dave,





5 thoughts on “Dear John letter, To Dave

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