Meet Gary, The worlds largest pet rodent.


Today from

The video from the article can be found at :

Before I comment on today’s interesting find, this is from the article:

– Melanie Typaldos, 57, shares her home in Texas with her pet Gary – the world’s largest rodent.

The computer programmer and her husband, Richard Loveman, 54, even let the giant guinea pig – known as a capybara – sleep in their bed.

The couple fell in love with the South American mammals during aholiday to Venezuela, and adopted Gary from an owner who could no longer care for him.

The capybara has become part of the family and enjoys nothing more than swimming with his owners in the swimming pool, which was built to remind the pet of his natural habitat.

Melanie says: “Although some people might find it strange, it’s really no different than having a dog or a cat.

– My thoughts:

 Until today I had never heard of a “capybara”. After reviewing the video I was left with the feeling that it is not that far removed from a giant tail-less rat. Mind you I am not great fan of rodents! I cant imagine having that critter share my bed with me, (insert shudder here).

To each his own I guess. 



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