A petition on the White House’s official website calling for Australia and the US to merge to form Ameristralia

No I do not make this stuff up. Today’s discovery was that some folks who may or may not be crazy think it might be nifty if Australia and the US merged to form one nation.

 It appears there is a campaign to create Ameristralia.  

Despite an online push in both countries, a petition on the official White House website has only generated 6500 of the 100,000 signatures needed for the proposal to be reviewed by US President Barack Obama’s policy experts.

The deadline to receive 100,000 signatures expired on Friday.  

The Ameristralia campaign was born on the social news and entertainment website Reddit.

Some oddball petitions on the White House website have generated enough signatures to make it to Obama’s desk, including a campaign by Star Wars fans for the US to build a Death Star and for the recipe of the White House’s secret Honey Ale beer to be made public.


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