KFC Smugglers…. Gasp


The video can be found at: http://andymancan.batcave.net/


  Today I Found out that some folks take their fried chicken rather seriously.

I have decided that this headline was worth taking a look at today.

“KFC smuggled into Gaza from Egypt through underground tunnels.”

  • A few excerpts from the article: 
  • Junk-food starved Gazans can now order Kentucky Fried Chicken to go thanks to a new smuggling service which brings takeout from Egypt via a network of underground tunnels.
  • It’s not exactly “fast” – taking several hours to arrive, with the Palestinian delivery company behind it charging hefty prices to cover the cost of fuel and transport.

    “Last chance to order for the Thursday 6:00pm delivery is Wednesday night,” says the Yamama delivery firm on its Facebook page.

    Yamama then orders the meals, about 30 on a typical run, from the KFC outlet in the Egyptian city of El-Arish, some 25 miles away.

    “We place the order with the restaurant in El-Arish, then drive it in a car to the Egyptian side of Rafah,” said Yamama director Khalil al-Ifranji.

    “Someone takes it from there through the tunnels to (Gazan) Rafah. They then drive it to our headquarters (in Gaza City).”

    I guess making your own fried chicken is not on the to do list in Gaza? I find it interesting the great efforts that folks will go to for fast food. I can see why it’s not Mc donalds being smuggled, have you ever tried their fries an hour after getting them?

    I personally would rather just make my own fried chicken but to each his own.



The entire story can be found here:



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