The American Gerbil Society’s annual pageant


BEDFORD, Mass. —

The American Gerbil Society’s annual pageant brought dozens of rodents scurrying to New England this weekend for a chance to win “top gerbil.”

I found this today, and I am left wondering if maybe the cable t.v. went out in Bedford. There is a  society for a twelve dollar critter? Is it just me, or does that seem a bit extreme.

From the article:  “The Bedford competition called for agility demonstrations in which the gerbils must overcome obstacles and race to the end of a course. Breeders of the small animals vie for coveted ribbons based on body type and agility.”

In my world they are not that far removed from rats.  I guess everyone needs a hobby. That or clearly they need better television programming.  Not to seem rude but I do not see this being a big tourism event. “Honey pack the bags, we are going to gerbil fest!”

May the best gerbil win.

read more here:


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